Regenerative Medicine




Partner institutions and their core activities:


University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM)

  • in vitro and in vivo models
  • genomic and proteomic analysis
  • bioassay development
  • project and IPR management


Genera Research (GEN)

  • GLP and GMP production of recombinant proteins (BMP1 isoforms, BMP6, etc.)
  • development of new research tools
  • bioassay development


University Hospital Centre Zagreb (UHCZ)

  • central database for clinical research and clinical trials
  • expertise in tissue regeneration
  • design and development of new therapeutic tools


University Hospital Dubrava (UHD)

  • expertise in animal model result interpretation
  • analysis of test molecule efficacy
  • development of new diagnostic tools


Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka (MEDRI)

  • production and testing of monoclonal antibodies
  • elucidation of pathophysiological mechanisms of tissue regeneration


University of Zagreb Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UZSVM)

  • large experimental animal models
  • articular cartilage regeneration analysis
  • bone regeneration of axial and peripheral skeleton


Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI)

  • discovery of developmental mechanisms involved in tissue regeneration
  • tissue damage detection technology (PET-CT)



  • pre-clinical safety profile
  • assay development
  • biochemical in vitro screening


Smart Medico (SMED)

  • expertise in clinical trial preparation
  • monitoring