The pyrosequencing system Pyromark Q242016 put into function

At the beginning of January, the pyrosequencing system Pyromark Q242016 has been tested and put into function in the Laboratory of Epigenetics and Molecular Medicine, Department of Medical Biology.
An advanced system Pyromark Q24 (Qiagen), with its related equipment, was purchased to support research programs of the Centre of Excellence for Reproductive and Regenerative Medicine.

The advantages of this system for the detection and quantification of epigenetic and genetic variation are advanced technology, software and chemical preparation for analysis of long sequences, quantitative analysis of methylation at CpG repetitive and CPN parts of the genome, improved quantification of variability within any sequence, the functionality of the base calling method.

The next step will be the incorporation of the DNA methylation analysis as the most important epigenetic modification, and other analytics offered by the pyro, to research of other groups in various scientific fields.