The first presentation of Bio-Rad QX200TM ddPCR system in the region

Improving the quality of research and the competitiveness of scientific groups largely depends on the trends of the scientific technology. Education Croatian scientific community on the latest available products and platforms is one of the obligations of Research Unit Biomedical Research on Reproduction and Development as a part of the Centre of Excellence for Reproductive and Regenerative medicine (CERRM) School of Medicine, University of Zagreb.

After organizing a successful workshop in June in conjunction with the BioTech-Europe to present the High-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging Vevo 2100 Imaging Platform (ultrasound system high-resolution small animal), the Department of Medical Biology under the CERRM and with its partners Labena Ltd. had organized BIO-work workshop to present the QX200TM Droplet Digital PCR system., The workshop was held on 20th and 21st of October 2015.

BIO-RAD had recognized University School of Medicine in Zagreb as an institution of scientific excellence and chosed the Department of Medical Biology for the first presentation QX200TM ddPCR system in the region.

QX200TM ddPCR enables absolute quantification of DNA and RNA molecules of interest with extreme accuracy without the use of standard curves. This powerful system is based on the detection capability of the target of one million copies of DNA or RNA. QX200TM ddPCR uses advanced microfluidics technology to subdivide the test sample equivalent to 20,000 droplets of nanoliter size. Generated droplets are tested separately as a single stand-alone pattern which achieves exceptional sensitivity and specificity in analysis. In addition, the platform is designed in a way that is simple to use in laboratory and process of analysis is maximally accelerated. Simple and reliable, QX200TM ddPCR had already led to a series of scientific discoveries in the field of tumor biomarkers, infectious diseases, genomic alterations, gene expression and control of food.

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The presentation of the possibilities of the QX200TM ddPCR system was held by a BioRad expert Dr. Afif Abdel Nour (Marketing Segment Manager Genomics Europe, Middle East & Africa, Bio-Rad LSG), whereas the workshops was led by Dr. Amro Kabbar (Field Application Scientist, Bio-Rad Laboratories – Life Science Group), Gabor Kohut (Area Sales Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories – Life Science Group) and Josip Brajkovic ,Ph. D. (Application Specialist). Workshop organization was supported by Fani Kuščić, dr. stom. (Sales Manager), Martina Pavicic (Country Manager), also the employees of the Department. Two workshops were held, and were attended by participants from the School of Medicine and Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb, Teaching Institute for Public Health Dr. Andrija Štampar, University Hospital Dubrava, Clinic for Pulmonary Diseases, University Hospital for Infectious Diseases Fran Mihaljevic, Institute Library, Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, the Croatian Veterinary Institute, the Medical University and the Medical Faculty of the University of Rijeka. The workshop was held as “hands on training” and the participants had tested the ddPCR method in the analysis of their own samples.

On the trail of great interest and the aim of promoting new technologies, the Department of Medical Biology under the CERRM, announces the introduction of PyroMark Q24 Advance system in early 2016, which will be organized in cooperation with the INEL-medical technics Ltd. and Qiagen.

Full Program of The QX200TM ddPCR System Presentation

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