Ceremonial presentation of Scientific Center of Excellence project

A ceremonial presentation of Scientific Center of Excellence for Regenerative and Reproductive Medicine (CERRM) project was held in School of Medicine University of Zagreb on 29. November 2017.

CERRM is composed of two Research Units with defined setup and activities. The head of Unit for Biomedical Research of Reproduction and Development, prof. Davor Ježek, opened the presentation with welcoming the audience. Prof Ježek gave a short introduction of his Unit, with planned activities for the upcoming project period. Head of Unit for Regenerative Medicine, prof. Slobodan Vukičević presented a detailed basis and expected goals of the project.


Prof. Davor Ježek


Prof. Slobodan Vukičević

CERRM project aims to expand the current knowledge in reproductive and regenerative medicine by performing cutting edge research and involving strategic collaborative partners with the goal of elucidating novel molecular mechanisms of disease, creating innovative research and medical tools, procedures and products, while at the same time increasing competitiveness of existing and newly skilled scientists as well as economic competitiveness in Croatia in the biomedical sector. The project is funded with 5 million EUR through European Regional Development Fund, Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion.

In August 2017. CERRM received funding for OSTEOproSPINE, an innovative scientific project, through the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – HORIZON 2020. Prof Lovorka Grgurević informed the audience about the OSTEOproSPINE project coordinated by School of Medicine University of Zagreb.


Prof. Lovorka Grgurević