Let the Stars Shine: OSTEOGROW in EU Parliament

School of Medicine University of Zagreb received an important acclaim from nine Members of European Parliament within initiative “Let the Start Shine”, as the coordinating institution of OSTEOGROW project. OSTEOGROW is led by prof. Slobodan Vukičević team, with the task group leaders prof. Lovorka Grgurević, Mihaela PerićSmiljka Vikić-Topić, Donatella Verbanac, Hermann Opperman from Genera Research, Snježana Martinović from SMART MEDICO and other partners. Following the initiative of Croatian Members of EU Parliament, OSTEOGROW project will be presented in EU Parliament in June 2018. This will be an oportunity for all Members of Parliament to receive information about the first global medicine produced in Croatia, currently undergoing clinical trials in Austria and Croatia.
Recently, School of Medicine has been granted the second scientific innovative project OSTEOproSPINE with 6 mil EUR financing in the area of Regenerative Medicine for clinical testing of OSTEOGROW investigational medicional product enriched with a compression resistant matrix for treating patients with chronic lower back pain.