Mini-symposium in the field of Andrology, entitled “Andrology up-date 2015”

Department of Urology, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb and University Hospital Center “Zagreb” and the Faculty of Medicine (Research unit “Biomedical Research on Reproduction and Development” of the Scientific Center of Excellence for Reproductive and Regenerative Medicine) organize on 16 October 2015, the mini-symposium in the field of andrology entitled “Andrology up-date in 2015 ”. The congress will be held in the hall Botteri, starting at 14 am and will bring together eminent domestic and foreign andrology experts, notably from the European Academy of Andrology (European Academy of Andrology, EAA). From speakers especially emphasize Dr. Csilla Krausz, president of the European Academy of Andrology (EAA), Dr. Hans-Christian Schuppe, president of the German Society for Reproductive Medicine and Dr. Ewa Raypert-De Meyts, editor of the scientific journal Andrology, the official journal of the European Academy Andrology.

Andrology up-date 2015 Program