Center of Excellence for Regenerative and Reproductive Medicine

The Research Center of Excellence for Reproductive and Regenerative Medicine of the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine was founded by a decree of the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports in November 2014. The Center comprises two research units: Biomedical Research of Reproduction and Development (research coordinator: Professor Davor Ježek, MD, PhD), and Regenerative Medicine (research coordinator: Slobodan Vukičević, fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts). This research center of excellence shall be operative for five years with the possibility of reaccreditation for another five-year term. Along with the numerous research objectives outlined in its mission statement, the Center shall primarily be responsible for top-notch quality of research in the area of Biomedicine and Health in the Republic of Croatia, as well as for raising the international visibility of the Croatian research community and education of young researchers.