BMP Conference Dubrovnik 2020

Virtual BMP forum

BMP forum


Registration form for the 1st virtual BMP forum is available on the following link:

You have an opportunity to register once for all or only some of the events.


Dear colleagues and friends,


As the International BMP conference in Dubrovnik this coming October had to be postponed due to the Covid19-restrictions, we (An Zwijsen, Slobodan Vukicevic and Petra Knaus) decided to cover the time from September 2020 to summer 2021 with the 1st Virtual BMP Forum, as an Appetizer for the Dubrovnik Meeting October 2021.

We very much hope to get as many of you on board as possible and even reach those interested in BMP-research which are new to the community and might not have attended the International BMP conferences before. So please feel free to send this invitation to your colleagues.

We will meet every 3 weeks for 2 talks (each 35 min plus 10 min QA) on a related topic, ideally by 2 speakers from different institutions and even more ideally a young and a more senior scientist. This meeting series aims to complement rather than to duplicate the Dubrovnik speakers list.

Registration to the webinar will be opened by September 1st 2020. All information will be available on the International BMP conference homepage and we will try to update this as frequently as possible.


Please already save the following dates:

15:00-16:30 European Time

Summer: GMT + 02:00, Sept-Oct, Apr-June

Winter: GMT + 01:00, Nov-March


Sep 23rd  2020:                   Session 1:   BMP Signalling in Vascular Biology

Oct 14th 2020:                     Session 2:   BMP Signalling and Mechanobiology

Nov 4th 2020:                      Session 3:   BMP Signalling in Cancer

Nov 25th 2020:                    Session 4:   BMP Signalling in Rare Disease

Jan 13th 2021:                      Session 5:   BMP Signalling in Bone and Cartilage Biology

Feb 3rd 2021:                       Session 6:   BMP Signalling in Muscle Biology

Feb 24th 2021:                     Session 7:   Structure of BMP Signalling Components

Mar 17th 2021:                     Session 8:   BMP Co-receptors and Pro-domains

Apr 7th 2021:                       Session 9:   BMP Receptors

Apr 28th 2021:                     Session 10: BMPs and Stem Cells

May 19th 2021:                    Session 11: BMP antagonists

Jun 9th 2021:                       Session 12: Unexpected Roles of BMPs

Jun 30th 2021:                     Session 13: Modelling the Pathway

Jul 21st 2021:                       Session 14: BMP-pathway in clinical settings


Confirmed speakers, 1st Virtual BMP-forum:


Wei LI, Cambridge/UK

Franck LEBRIN, Leiden/Netherlands

Chris HIEPEN, Berlin/Germany

Boris HINZ, Toronto/Canada

Toril HOLIEN, Trondheim/Norway

Antonio VIDAL-PUIG, Cambridge/UK

John LEES-SHEPARD, Tarrytown/US

Rozenn QUARCK, Leuven/Belgium

Maurizio PACIFICI, Philadelphia/US

Reinhard WINDHAGER, Vienna/Austria

Sigmar STRICKER, Berlin/Germany

Helge AMTHOR, Montigny-le-Bretonneux/France

Erich GOEBEL, Cincinnati/US

Maria MACIAS, Barcelona/Spain

Christian SIEBOLD, Oxford/UK

Gerhard SENGLE, Cologne/Germany

Senem AYKUL, Tarrytown/US

Valeria ORLOVA, Leiden/NL

Jennifer ESSER, Freiburg/Germany

Mihaela PERIC, Zagreb/Croatia

Dragan DURDEVIC, Zagreb/ Croatia

Alex LÖWER, Darmstadt/Germany



15:00-16:30 European Time

Summer: GMT + 02:00, Sept-Oct, Apr-June

Winter: GMT + 01:00, Nov-March


Sep 23rd 2020: BMP Signalling in Vascular Biology

Chair: Gonzalo Sanchez-Duffhues, Leiden/Netherlands

Wei LI, Cambridge/UK

“Molecular regulation of BMP9 and 10 signalling in vascular endothelial cells“

Franck LEBRIN, Leiden/Netherlands

“From mechanisms to therapy in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia”


Oct 14th 2020: BMP Signalling and Mechanobiology

Chair: Ada Cavalcanti-Adam, Heidelberg/Germany

Chris HIEPEN, Berlin/Germany

“BMPR2 and endothelial cell mechanics, an old player in a new light”

Boris HINZ, Toronto/Canada

“How transforming growth factor mechanics affect fibroblast morphogenesis”


Nov 4th 2020: BMP Signalling in Cancer

Chair: Aris Moustakas, Uppsala/Sweden

Toril HOLIEN, Trondheim/Norway

“Regulating the tumor suppressing activity of ALK2 in multiple myeloma”

Antonio Vidal-Puig, Cambridge/UK

“Metabolic Role of BMP8b”


Nov 25th 2020: BMP Signalling in Rare Disease

Chair: Fumiko Itoh, Tokyo/Japan

John LEES-SHEPARD, Tarrytown/US

“Activin A is necessary for heterotopic ossification in adult ACVR1[R258G] and ACVR1[R206H] FOP-mice, but each model exhibits a distinct developmental phenotype”

Rozenn QUARCK, Leuven/Belgium

“Balancing BMPRII and TGFβ signaling pathways in pulmonary arterial hypertension: potential treatment perspectives”

Jan 13th 2021: BMP Signalling in Bone and Cartilage Biology

Chair: Johanna Bolander, Boston, US/ Leuven, Belgium

Maurizio PACIFICI, Philadelphia/US/US

“Roles and mechanisms of BMP and Activin action in heterotopic ossification”

Reinhard WINDHAGER, Vienna/Austria

“Recombinant human BMP6 applied within Autologous Blood Coagulum accelerates bone healing: Randomized controlled trial in High Tibial Osteotomy patients”


Feb 3rd 2021: BMP Signalling in Muscle Biology

Chair: Hans Georg Simon, Chicago/US

Sigmar STRICKER, Berlin/Germany

“An unbalanced BMP-biomechanical niche reveals the plasticity of the mammalian myogenic lineage”

Helge AMTHOR, Montigny-le-Bretonneux/France

“BMP signaling patterns limb muscle”