BMP-1 IsoFor – Installation Research Project funding recommended by Croatian Science Foundation

Project “Newly discovered BMP1 circulating isoforms as biomarkers and therapeutic targets for human diseases” (acronym: BMP-1 IsoFor), principal investigator Lovorka Grgurević MD PhD, is one of the Installation Research Projects with funding recommended by Croatian Science Foundation.

Based on an independent peer review evaluation, the Croatian Science Foundation (CSF) Scientific board for biomedicine and health proposed the ranking list of 38 project proposals for financing (31 Research Projects and 7 Installation Research Projects). The CSF Management Board assembly meeting held on 12 July 2015, reached a verdict (O-1259-2015) to initiate the procedure on negotiating the financial and work plan of the project, as a basis for signing a contract for financing the following projects (in alphabetical order).

BMP-1 IsoFor Verdict

BMP-1 IsoFor

Reference: Grgurevic et al, 2011.